Yonka Body Specifics Phyto 152 (125ml)

Firming – Invigorating – Draining

Formulated for all ages, this body and bust firming cream will surprise you with its aromatic strength and fresh effect. Its high concentration of rosemary promotes drainage, helps reduce stretch marks, and instantly revitalises and energises.
Boosted by restructuring beech tree buds and hydrating hazelnut oil and aloe vera, Phyto 152 cream firms up skin and helps reduce stretch marks from pregnancy and weight fluctuations.
It brings back suppleness and firmness, making you feel invigorated and revitalised.
  • Contains rosemary extract
  • Firms, drains and invigorates
  • The skin is toned and relaxed
  • Helps reduce stretch marks

How to use:

In the morning and/or evening, after rubbing in the shower or bath with Phyto-Bain, apply Phyto 152 in a thin layer to the bust and body areas to be firmed.

Rub the cream in with gentle, invigorating strokes.

Beauty Tips!

Tired legs:
Phyto 152 cream, very refreshing, will also help you to lighten your legs. Apply it in the evening, using long circular and draining movements, from the feet to the top of the thighs. In the morning, repeat the same massage with Crème 55.

Lack of energy :
A few dabs of Phyto 152 on the temples and under the nostrils and you will feel re-energised by the action of rosemary!