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Great Lengths Hair Extensions

We are so excited to be part of the ever expanding world of hair extensions & are very proud to be trained by the prestigious Great Lengths extension specialists in both gl tapes & pre-bonded hair

If you are looking for ethically sourced, quality hair to add volume, thickness, length, fillers or even a pop of colour to your own hair, then Great Lengths has something for you.

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Here’s a little info on Great Lengths Hair. . . . .

Great Lengths Hair Extensions


Great Lengths selects the very best quality human hair from different Indian Hindu Temples. The hair is donated willingly to the temples as an act of devotion.

We find our trademark quality in using Remy hair: it means that the cuticles in each piece of hair are aligned together and in the same direction from root to ends, as they would naturally grow from the scalp.

Another important feature is that the hair has to be DOUBLE DRAWN. This implies that the production process develops every extension using a selection of strands of the same length, granting that the final bundle has equal volume and length.

So whats the difference between Tapes & Bonds?

Tape Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are made of authentic premium hair, anchored to an extra-thin adhesive tape.

They are designed to create a fuller effect and long luxurious hair thanks to a fast application. The adhesive strip is designed not to cause any tension and feels completely flat on the head.

Ultra- Thin Adhesive Strip

The adhesive strip is ultra-thin designed as to ensure the best possible application, while being very comfortable for the client: it does not cause any tension and feels completely flat on the head.

Bond Extensions

The most popular of our applications, perfect to add length, volume or colour effects. The ideal solution for women who are looking for premium hair extensions with an invisible and seamless application, lasting from 4 to 6 months with appropriate care and maintenance.

With GL Pre Bonded hair extensions, the hairstylist can achieve any kind of result: lengthening, thickening, sides application, highlights, lowlights and also updos.