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3105, 2021

Lash Extensions

Russian volume lashes Russian Volume Lashes are ultra-fine synthetic lashes that are made from the same fibres as classic lashes. However, as they are much thinner so your lash technician is able to apply more than one to each natural lash. Russian Lashes are typically applied in a fan-like shape, which adds to the ‘volume’ look. Due to their lightweight nature, Russian Volume Lashes can last up to twice as long as Classic Lash Extensions. Russian Volume lashes are made from a variety of different ultra-fine synthetic [...]

1503, 2021

Apilux 3G Advanced Pulsed Light Technology

More complete and powerful than any other photoepilation system on the market, the Apilux 3G promises quick and lasting results in unrivalled comfort. The Canadian made technology of the Apilux 3G is based on a high performance optical technology called Alternating Pulsed Light or APL which enables the device to be used safely and efficiently on virtually anybody. WHAT IS ALTERNATING PULSED LIGHT (APL)? This technique involves the emission of a flash of light onto the skin. The particles of light penetrate the skin and are [...]

803, 2021

Apilux Photorejuvenation Treatments

Give your skin a youthful appearance thanks to Apilux Photorejuvenation treatments. After only a few sessions, wrinkles, fine lines and open pores will be visibly reduced. The Apilux intense pulsed light also improves skin firmness by stimulating collagen producing cells. APL Rejuvenation Facial Treatment includes Neck €140. Includes Homecare APL Rejuvenation Facial Treatment, including Neck & Décolletage €180. Includes Homecare. Acne Scarring and Skin Sensitivity/Broken Capillaries. If you are looking for a beauty treatment that will help eliminate skin imperfections then the Apilux is [...]

102, 2021

Axis Radio Frequency Anti Aging Treatments

As more and more facialists combine cutting edge technology with a hands-on approach, the demand for treatments such as radiofrequency facials is ever increasing. Jennifer Aniston credits them with keeping her skin "lifted", but these advanced treatments can also soften fine lines while firming the facial contours – both immediately and over time. (Taken from Harpers Bazaar magazine) What is radiofrequency, and how does it work? Simply put, radiofrequency is all about stimulating collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found naturally in [...]

2101, 2021

The Difference Between Adult Acne and Teen Acne

Adult skin is less resilient than teen skin, which has a higher cell turnover rate and heals more rapidly. Keeping adult skin clear involves focusing on multiple internal and external factors, while keeping teen skin clear involves more focus on cleansing and oil control. Acne is no fun at any age. But knowing how it behaves in your adult years vs. your teen years can help you stay in the clear. Adult acne Thought you could outgrow acne? If only. In today’s world, chronic stress, hormonal changes, a [...]