What is Metal Detox?

Metal Detox is a 3 Step programme that protects, detoxifies and prevents Metal build-up on & in your hair.

It consists of an in-salon colour pre-treatment, Shampoo and conditioning mask Treatment that can be continued at home.

Breakthrough discovery: Metal in hair can lead to unreliable colour results & breakage

Metal Detox is the new disruptive haircare innovation capable of neutralising excess copper metals inside the hair to reveal true colour clarity, with no additional service time required

(Up to 87% less breakage when used in colour service)

Where and What are these metals???

What. . .

Metals like calcium, lime & copper can get into our water from pipeline erosion and can then end up in our hair (most pipes are made of copper).

Wash after wash, these metal particles can accumulate inside the hair fibre. Excessive metal accumulation does not pose as a health risk. . . . . . however during colour, balayage or lightening services, when these metals come in contact with Colour & Oxydant, breakage and unreliable colour results can occur.

Where. . .

  1. At Home. . . . The level of metal in hair varies, depending on the water quality where you live and on your hair porosity.
  2. Swimming in Chlorinated water (swimming pool) leaves metal particles of chlorine on & in the hair fibre.
  3. Uv Rays from the sun react with metals in your hair & cause damage.
  4. Pollutants from the air.

Below is a microscopic picture of a hair strand with sebum & pollutants:

L’Oreal Professional have collaborated with the worldwide authority on metal, Ioannina University & have identified a perfect molecule called :- GLICOAMINE

The molecule at the core of Metal Detox
Glicoamine is the hero ingredient in the formula, a molecule small enough to penetrate inside the hair fibre to neutralise (de-activate) metal. Once inside, it neutralises metal wherever it is located: a real breakthrough for colour, balayage and lightening services.

It is the only active agent small enough to trap and neutralize metal inside the hair fiber and detoxify the hair.

For YOU:- Hair fibre integrity is preserved, 87% less breakage

For US:- (hairdressers) Colour is mastered & Oxydant gets to fully do its job

For BOTH:- More even colour result, Smooooth hair texture, Shine, Stronger hair & everyone is Happy!!

A 3-Step Professional Routine to Neutralise & Cleanse away Metal

Step 1 Pre-treatment 500ml

Neutralise metal before the colour service. Spray on dry hair from tip to root. Apply 5 to 8 pumps on short hair and 8 to 15 pumps on medium to long hair, focusing on the lengths. This pre-treatment can be used with other colour and lightening brands.

Step 2 Shampoo 1500ml and 300ml

Gently remove metal after the colour service. Apply shampoo evenly on wet hair. Lather until a rich foam is obtained then rinse. Shampoo either once or twice.

Step 3 Mask 500ml and 250ml

Protect the hair fibre from future metal deposits. Apply the mask evenly on shampooed and towel-dried hair. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

At Home

Metal Detox can be used on any hair that has been coloured and can be used at home as part of your recommended routine.

It is recommended for swimmers and holiday makers for protection against UV rays as part of your hair suncare routine.

Speak to your stylist about your metal detox homecare routine.

Before and after L’Oreal Metal Detox Treatment