More complete and powerful than any other photoepilation system on the market, the Apilux 3G promises quick and lasting results in unrivalled comfort. The Canadian made technology of the Apilux 3G is based on a high performance optical technology called Alternating Pulsed Light or APL which enables the device to be used safely and efficiently on virtually anybody.


This technique involves the emission of a flash of light onto the skin. The particles of light penetrate the skin and are absorbed by dark pigments (hairs, spots, etc.), and are then converted into heat. Depending on the type of treatment, this heat can destroy hairs, reduce skin imperfections and stimulate collagen production.


APL is a well-established form of non-ablative intense light therapy used for a wide variety of skin conditions and complaints. Unlike lasers, APL consists of a broad spectrum of light wavelengths. Depending on its wavelength, the light energy targets different structures in the skin and different skin depth.

Green and yellow light in the APL treatments specifically targets the hyperpigmented lesions, while sparing the surrounding skin from damage. Then the longer wavelengths in the APL light penetrate more deeply into the skin to stimulate fibroblasts to generate extra collagen. As a result, the skin tightens, pores become more refined, and wrinkles and scars are visibly improved.

Other wavelengths of the APL can also be used to destroy hair follicles (for hair removal), as well as to eliminate the bacteria associated with acne problems.

Contrary to laser devices and conventional IPL systems that transmit only one pulse per emission, Apilux APL technology allows for the discharge of several rapidly alternating flashes of light during a single exposure. While the delay between pulses allows the skin to cool down, these alternating impulses slow the accumulation of heat within the hair follicle, thereby improving overall results.


-Removes and treats fine blood vessels / capillaries on the face and body

-Improve general redness / flushing of face

-Treat skin hyperpigmentation problems (including freckles, sun-spots, melasma and age-spots)

-Skin photo rejuvenation (improves fine wrinkles, mild skin laxity, large pores, skin texture and uneven colour)

-Long term hair removal

-Improves acne and acne scars

-Improves skin’s overall clarity and radiance



If pigmented hairs are present, the area must be shaved. A gel is then applied on the skin surface. Intense light pulses are passed over the skin in order to destroy hairs or reduce skin imperfections. A cooling system ensures that the device’s lamp and crystal within the handpiece remain cool. Consequently, the skin’s surface also cools down, thereby providing optimal comfort during treatments.

The Apilux devices offer various programs of operation, which allow for the treatment of every hair type and phototype (skin and hair colour). Each program emits a specific number of pulses, whose duration and relative intervals can be fine-tuned to achieve optimal effectiveness and safety.


5 to 7 sessions are generally required for photoepilation. Duration may vary depending on the area treated, the amount of hair, as well as the skin condition and phototype.

PHOTOEPILATION Semi Permanent Hair Reduction.
When it comes to the epilation of large or commonly treated areas such as legs, underarms and bikini line, nothing works better than Apilux Photoepilation. Thanks to this APL pulsed light technology you will notice a reduction of hair growth after only a few treatments.

Courses sold in 6 treatments, purchase 5 get 1 FREE (must be paid for upfront)

Lip €25
Lip & Chin €35
Lip, Chin & Sides of Face. €55
Lip, Chin, Sides of face & Neck. €99

Standard Female Bikini Line. €60
Extended Female Bikini Line. €80
Full Female Bikini Area. €90

Lower Legs. €100
Upper Legs. €100
Full Legs. €180
Full Legs & Standard Bikini Area. €200
Full Legs & Extended or Full Female bikini Area. €220
Feet & Toes. €45

Underarms. €45

Abdominal Area. €80

Female Chest. €55

Male Chest. €100
Male Back. 100
Male Back & Chest. €180
Male Shoulders. €45
Male Neck Area. €45

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