2020 marks my 20th year in the Beauty industry!!

I still have so much to lean, still intrigued & fascinated to lean about new treatments. ‘Radio Frequency’ a treatment I have been reading a lot about lately, traditionally used in medical settings on patients following strokes or Bells Pasly to help lift the facial muscles/contours. So begin my in depth research to source the very best machine for our salon.

I discovered many Radio Frequency machines operate at 1-3 MHz (strength/power) Then I discovered the AXIS with 27.12 MHz high-speed radiofrequency!!!

Axis anti-aging facial treatment stimulates cells that produce collagen and elastin. After only a few treatments, the skin is more radiant, its texture improved, wrinkles are reduced and the skin is firmer.

I ventured off to experience the treatment, the machine was fresh off the plane from Canada & I was the first in Ireland to experience it!

Dympna the head trainer & Clinic owner performed an Axis treatment on one side of my face so I could compare the results, I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!

Treatment itself was a wonderfully relaxing facial massage, I could feel my skin becoming firmer & lifted throughout the treatment, and there was no discomfort at all.

Results were immediate, & continued to improve over three days post treatment.

-You can clearly see from my untouched, unedited pic I took on my phone the right side of my face is much higher/lifter.
-The eye/brow area looks younger.
-I have a cheekbone & jawline on my right hand side!!
-The line on my upper lip is softened.
-My pores were reduced in side.
-Overall skin tone was improved.

This was following 30mins on treatment on the right side of my face only, as a client we treat both sides

For maximum results we recommend a treatment once a week for six weeks, with one maintenance treatment every six months to keep skin lifted & sculpted.

What Is Radiofrequency?

It is the gentle introduction of electromagnetic waves that penetrate the skin this causes an endothermic effect that raises the temperature inside the tissues. The internal heat then activates the energy potential of each cell, allowing an improvement of the skin quality.

Short and Long-Term Results

The Axis 27.12 MHz radiofrequency, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which leads to the acceleration of the cell metabolism and promotes the elimination of stagnant fluids. Wrinkles and fine lines are also visibly reduced.

The effects of 27.12 radiofrequency are also measured in the longer term. Electromagnetic waves have an influence on the connective tissue which results in skin firmness. The production of collagen and elastin fibres is naturally reactivated and, gradually, their quantity and diameter increase, restoring tone to the skin.

Outstanding Anti-Aging Technology

Axis stands out with its radiofrequency emitting electromagnetic waves at 27 million cycles per second. With its exceptional speed, it generates the required energy in less time than other devices for faster visible results.

The Axis can emit pulsed waves with periods of thermal relaxation adjusted to the degree of sensitivity of the skin. The diffusion of heat into the tissues is controled and the treatment is both more efficient and more comfortable.

Personalized Treatments

With its five facial treatment options, Axis will meet the needs and particularities of each skin to offer the best possible results.

Firming: this treatment is particularly suitable for skins lacking tone. The skin of the face and neck is visibly firmer and the contour of the face is more defined.

Anti-Wrinkle: this treatment is ideal for mature skins. It significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the entire face and neck. The skin appears smoother and younger.

Radiance/Sensible: for sensitive skins, treatment is sensational. It improves the radiance of the complexion while revitalizing the skin. The skin is fresher and the complexion is brighter.

Scars/Ostia: this treatment is the solution for skins with imperfections. It reduces the appearance of scars, and dilated ostia or pores for a more even skin.

Customized: this mode allows customization of the treatment according to the specific needs of each client. The area, parameters and type of handpiece are determined by the technician.

With its built-in temperature sensor, Axis allows setting a maximum temperature and control heat intensity at any time. Your sensitivity is therefore always respected to ensure your safety and comfort. A specific treatment has also been specially designed for sensitive skin.