What are Babylights?

Babylights are very delicate, white-blonde highlights created using a very fine colour technique to mimic that blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun.

One of the main attractions of the Babylights techniques is that it can be applied to any hair colour and any length (long/short). They are also a great way to introduce colour if you fancy a change of hair style but don’t want anything too drastic. Babylights are very natural, subtle and most importantly low maintenance.

They offer you a different refreshed look while making hair appear luscious and healthy. Your hairdresser will be able to help you choose the appropriate shade to match your individual skin tone and achieve the best colour result.

How does my hairdresser create Babylights?

To create the look, we focus on three areas: your hairline, natural parting, and the ends of the hair. The highlights should be super fine around the hairline and natural parting, with a soft graduation of colour that is lighter at the ends. The overall appearance is more natural, as if your hair has been naturally lightened by the sun.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are a more defined blonde colouring service, depending on the result you wish to achieve, they are the most effective way to add dimension to any hair colour…They can be as pronounced or as subtle as you like and are a great asset when you are wanting to blend away grey hair or wishing for a softer grow out.

Highlights can change your colour dramatically depending on the service requested, it can be applied to Full head (80 meche packets), Half head (40 meche packets) or T-Bar (15 meche packets).

How are highlights created?

Highlights are created using a technique by which the hair is weaved in sections, it can be a fine weave of hair, slice, large weave, depending on requested result, the hair is then placed in a meche packet and lightened from root to tip in a specific pattern, leaving out some natural hair in between.

The Best Way to Take Care of your Blonde Hair
1.Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner that are designed specifically for maintaining and protecting blonde hair
2.Invest in a treatment masque. . .
3.Have a bonding treatment during colouring service. . .
4.Keep hair hydrated. …
5.Protect it from heat. …
6.Shield hair from the sun. …
7.Keep it safe from water. …(chlorine/lime/salt)