There are many reasons why hair is weakened whether due to mechanical or chemical damage, Résistance from Kerastase has the answer. They have designed a range that is suitable for all levels of ‘erosion’.

Résistance anti-breakage hair care rebuilds the internal structure of weakened hair to strengthen and reinforce the fiber, creating strong hair from roots to tips

Force Architecte

Force Architecte is for hair that is weakened by chemical or mechanical aggresors considered Level 1-2 damage (erosion).


Therapiste is for hair that is over processed and very weak Level 3-4 damage (erosion).

Want 99% Less Breakage & 78% Less Split Ends

Do you want to add length to your locks?. . . .


Exstentioniste is Length strengthening range for slow growing hair, it targets damaged lengths and hair that is weak, to fortify strengthen and improve elasticity from root to tip.